No one likes bullies, including me.  Lately there seems to be ever more publicity about this apparently growing problem, along with various approaches to overcome it.  School bullies, of course, as all the reports proclaim, are all boys, so the solutions are typically characteristic of ways we now address challenges involving boys:  Blame the boys.  (It’s incredibly easy to dump on the only group in America without a lobby.)  Or, even better, blame their fathers, everyone’s favorite Public Enemy Number One ever since the spoiled Baby Boomer slackers took up that chant during the 1960s.  After two whole generations of everyone being taught, from birth onward, that the root of all evil can be found in masculinity, in “male aggression”, I often wonder why they don’t just institute a practice of castrating every boy before he can even be accused of bullying, after first putting their fathers in prison.

Unfortunately, having once been a boy myself, and then even a social scientist, I know that the causes of bullying are never so simplistic.  In the first place, the percentage of children who claim to have been bullied has remained constant for the past half century.  What has changed, however, is “social media”, which easily broadcasts a few instances of bullying, which results in even more publicity, which creates the false impression that bullying is much more prevalent today than it ever has been.  And, of course, our society, primarily as a consequence of interest group lobbies, greatly emphasizes boy perpetrators and girl victims  – to further distort reality in the popular mind.   (The popular perception of every social ill in America is dramatically distorted by the simple fact that certain groups are “special”, protected, censored and therefore “off limits” for inclusion in anything possibly construed as negative; it’s a sociological dynamic known as “group entitlement”.)  Another element that usually gets lost in the hysteria is that most conflicts among teenagers are two-sided events, with shared “guilt”, rather than one-sided campaigns by “male aggressors”.  It’s also highly debatable which type of bullying does greater damage to the victim: physical damage which is usually the product of males, or psychological damage which is usually the product of females.  I personally give the nod to the latter; most boy bullies are just dumb and soon forgotten, while female bullies can be especially vicious and calculating, and psychological damage will last a lifetime.

But let’s talk about boy bullies.  That’s all anyone talks about anyway.  Some boys become bullies simply to avoid being bullied themselves; it’s the old “best defense is a strong offense” thing.  But a really great part of the problem is the same that can be found behind all those legions of boys now “diagnosed” with “attention deficit disorder” – acute boredom.  Couple such boredom with the “inherent evil” with which “all males are born” plus the ever more constricted expectations and horizons imposed on boys, and you have an excellent recipe for, well, creative responses.

While men are created between the ages of 7 and 11, bullies, like autistics, get an earlier start.  (See Footnote #1 re autism.)

We all know that it is now highly fashionable to seek a drug or a gene to compensate for childishly irresponsible behavior among adults who figuratively still wear diapers. “There’s a gene for that.” and “There’s a drug for that.” are as ubiquitous as “There’s an app for that.”  But, in the end, all the blame-shifting in the world is never going to trump adults behaving irresponsibly.  There really are no quick fixes, short cuts or easy answers; real life doesn’t work that way.  (And if yours does, know that disaster awaits you.)  There is something rotten throughout American culture that has grown only progressively more severe over the past forty years, so attacking the symptom will never cure the disease.

All the discussion about boy bullies, for example, conveniently overlooks a few critical facts.  (Please forgive me; I’m about to engage in a lost art, now forbidden in emotion-based America – simple fact-based logic.)  Most Americans now spend most of their time with their noses stuck inside one of those little “social media” devices pretending to believe in myths about themselves that haven’t been accurate for decades.  Despite these myths, the great majority of our kids now have very little or no experience with a “traditional” heterosexual nuclear family.  Well over half the children born in this country, in fact, are now born to single women exercising their right of “choice”, well over half of marriage “partnerships” end in divorces that award custody to the mother, and almost all of our children are quickly turned over to “vast village” child care small businesses run and staffed by women.  Less than one in four boys in America can now rely on a constant father through age 18, but even these “fathers” are permitted little role in the “raising” of their own children.  Most are, in fact, little more than interchangeable spare parts, passing each other in the night, in what women decide shall constitute their “families”.  Our taxpayer-funded public schools and social services are also overwhelmingly dominated by women.  Every single field in the huge “child development” industry, including health, sociology, psychology, research and teaching, is now overwhelmingly dominated by women, too.  It is estimated that women now monopolize an American child’s life by around 95% from birth through high school, and, if men are around, they are usually kept on a very short leash with children, allowed to function only as dictated by all these armies of “expert” women.  Very few of our boys have a real father, and most have gone through more than one temporary stand-in.  Obviously those boys are simply sitting ducks for ulterior objectives.

Nevertheless, it’s now common knowledge, of course, that bad boys create themselves, right there on the street corner, influenced by their evil fathers, while women will only take credit for creating emasculated, boring, effeminate clones of themselves – who, naturally, are not bullies.

Of course, it’s all just the usual self-serving nonsense, promulgated more than anything else by women’s many lobbies making very liberal use of well-worn code words like “families” and “children” in their propaganda.  Apparently bullies are those who inflict physical harm; those who inflict psychological damage are rarely ever recognized, since this is where the “ladies” truly excel.  Because they can rely on those powerful lobbies, women, of course, in all their unassailable perfection, are the ONLY group in our society that ALWAYS gets off scot-free, no matter what’s involved.  (See Footnote #2.)

Men are made, or not, between the ages of 7 and 12.

I have a novel solution, which, of course, literally no one will accept:  Treat boys like they used to be treated – as boys.  They learn by example, not by words.  If you can’t provide the proper example, find an actual man who can and leave him alone.  Boys despise double standards, stacked decks, hypocrisy; instruct them to behave in ways you do not, and you will only breed intense resentment.  Give boys challenges, tough challenges, in an environment that actually excites their instincts.  They are not much into navel-contemplation, into sitting around a table holding hands with sweetly cooperative others grazing with their own herd.  Let them get dirty, explore, discover, push their limits, even experience physical hurt.  Teach them with things that have texture, that they can see, touch, manipulate, move, shape.  Take advantage of their natural competitiveness to facilitate fair-play contests, within pre-set rules, with leaders and actual winners.  Channel what they are into difficult positive endeavors that are actually interesting and worthwhile for boys, that actually accomplish something, something individualistic, not as just another conforming cog in a wheel achieving only the lowest common denominator in order to cultivate comforting stagnation.

And, most important, don’t try to turn them into girls while telegraphing your hatred of men.  If you can’t place the interest of boys above your own, put them up for adoption to someone responsible who can.  You’ll be doing yourself, the boy, and society a great favor. Women who perceive themselves as “perpetual victims” logically are “victims” of men; that twisted mind-set alone is enough to instill guilt and self-loathing into boys that can only manifest itself in non-positive ways; you will end up with your own self-fulfilling prophesy – conflicted men your daughters will love to hate.   So, if you hate men, don’t have boys!  Try to focus your misandry instead on the grown “men” your mother created.  (Which, of course, is not very difficult.  Since women spend so much effort denying critical gender differences, failing to teach boys how to channel their natural instincts in positive ways, forcing them to behave as girls in order to “succeed” in school, many of those boys end up as loser adults who think it’s all a matter of exerting brainless brute force – a special “gift” from mother to daughter, and the rest of us, too.)

It’s simple: Bullies do not create themselves.  They are created by arrogant ignorance, by adult twits seeking clones of themselves.  And, like so many other problems in our society, we will never make progress against bullies until women begin to accept their share of the responsibility for creating them.  Nothing reveals both your ignorance and misandry better than the twisted caricatures you create as boys and then set loose on all of us as “men”.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it!  More than anything else, bullies are the bi-product of women’s self-serving prejudice.  To see that prejudice, you don’t have to go further than the way women teachers, “experts”, “journalists”, even mothers, all of them, conspire to keep secret from the public just how poorly vis à vis girls our boys have been performing for decades in our women-dominated public schools, and how almost nothing has been done to balance the results achieved by those schools in accordance with long existing civil rights law.  That entire K-12 education system is a female-dominated industry, and it is the greatest failure in our society, for which women alone are fully responsible.  (You just have to love that “leadership”.)

Furthermore, all of that public school institutional forced “re-education” in order to manufacture some twisted uni-sex entity is just a cover for perverting boys, for crippling them mentally, for artificially altering their very gender identity, so as to facilitate lowered standards that everyone can meet with minimum boring effort.  It’s all about crippling one gender in order to make the other gender feel better about itself.  In short, it is abject institutional bigotry, and, since it involves children and is undertaken in the shadows, censored out of the discussion, kept secret from the public, from the taxpayers funding the campaign, it is the very most despicable form of bigotry.

“It takes a man to make a man.” and, not surprisingly, the hardest thing to find these days is a man.

In America, women and their many lobbies determine the social agenda.  America is ALL about “whatever women want” – for themselves.  After a half century of intense naval contemplation, gender is of concern to women ONLY when such concern is or might be beneficial to women.  The net effect is to screw males over in every endeavor possible so females can “advance” – and society as a whole can suffer.  Now “uni-sex” is simply misandry in its purest form.  American women have rights; they do NOT have responsibilities.  Everyone else has the responsibility — for ensuring whatever rights
women decide to claim for themselves at any given moment.

Our boys are now crammed into boxes constructed for girls.  When you get right down to it, there are few things more absurd than self-involved women, after the fact, wagging their sanctimonious finger at their own maladapted creations, all while conveniently absolving themselves of responsibility, of accountability.  For American women it’s all about their rights without responsibilities, about always having “someone else” to take the blame.  Wallowing for generations in their own self-proclaimed “eternal victimhood”, it’s now inconceivable that they would ever champion a cause for a group other than their own, not even for their own sons – the “dumb, under-educated bullies” that they are.  Right along with the ever growing legions of boy autistics, ADHDs, suicides, drop-outs, druggies, obese, boozers, assorted other losers and jerks, and those who later become unemployed, liars, cheaters, predators, rapists, murderers, felons, perverts, etc., etc..  A really fine accomplishment for all those armies of arrogant women “experts”, serving themselves.  (See Footnote#3 re ADHD.)

I sincerely hope this doesn’t shock anyone, but American girls today are indistinguishable from American girls of fifty years ago.  So all that pervasive discrimination against the other gender hasn’t accomplished anything positive for women.  And, except for those serving in the Regular Army and Marines, American women are still divided into the same two warring camps – one in the home and one in the office, both still blaming men for their silly war, whining that life is tough and refusing to accept their equitable share of the responsibility for all of us.  (The main thing they managed to “put behind them” is responsibility.)  After fifty years, however, American boys mostly make me cringe.  (I’d prefer not to even start on American “men”.)  And the hardest thing to find in this country is someone who can form an independent opinion based on a careful examination and rational analysis of facts.  Everyone now sits around spouting instilled dogma and waiting for their herd to decide what they should “feel” about something.

“It is easier to build a child than fix an adult.” – Frederick Douglass

Every year an astounding 13,000,000 people now rotate through correctional facilities in America at truly staggering cost.  At any one time, the United States now has more than 6,000,000 people serving sentences in jail, over 93% of them male.  That’s a much higher number than in China, the “police state” Americans are always accusing of “human rights” violations.  It’s even higher than all the republics of the former Soviet Union together imprisoned in the gulag archipelago during Stalin’s reign.  And, of course, those American prisoners constitute one of the huge male groups missing at election time, transferring ever more power to our self-serving majority women.  Millions of these guys never do recover their voting rights, and many millions more are permanently listed on some public “sexual offender” list that also denies them basic rights.  Hidden behind deceptive percentages, there are well over 24,000,000 people in this country, mostly men, currently looking for jobs, and many millions of them don’t appear in government reports simply because their unemployment benefits ran out years ago, they don’t have any lobbies, and not many women are out there risking literally everything to create corporations to hire them.  Well over half of the deaths by guns in this country are male suicides – something the anti-gun lobby never mentions.  Every 80 minutes another American veteran kills himself – 6,500 times every year, after all the stupid wars have killed or maimed tens of thousands more.

Nearly 20,000 of the 30,000 deaths from guns in the United States in 2010 were suicides, according to the most recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control & “Prevention”.  The national suicide rate has climbed by 12 percent since 2003, and suicide is the third-leading cause of death for teenagers.  Guns are particularly lethal.  Suicidal acts with guns (greatly preferred by males) are fatal in 85 percent of cases, while those with pills (greatly preferred by females) are fatal in just 2 percent of cases, according to a 2008 study conducted by the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.

I often wonder how our society would react if the genders of these and dozens of similar groups were reversed.  Revolution.  Great mobs of women in the streets.  Social Armageddon.  And yet, in 2012, American women think it’s of national importance for them to exercise their “rights” and muscle their way into a small private all-male golf club, as if it were still 1962.  Boy, that’s certainly getting your priorities straight while contemplating your glorious navel.  “You do all the work, take all the risk; I’ll just wait to exercise my right to jump on the ride at your expense like I’ve always done.”  For over two generations.  These are the same quota-women who couldn’t be bothered to support their own world class soccer league when they had the chance.  “All men are created equal.”  “All Americans are equal under the law.”  Give me a break.  Thanks to the petty self-serving propaganda churned out ad nauseam by their many lobbies, American women are still beating the same old “oppressed” horse that died over fifty years ago.  Generations on and we are still waiting for the first American women to create a global corporation on her own that can compete with the rest of the world.  (If you want to “redistribute” wealth, you first have to create it.)  “My group is more than half the population of the United States; we demand all of the rights, but still want none of the responsibilities.”  It’s certainly not surprising that we have such a monumentally dysfunctional Congress that makes absolutely no sense with all those politicians competing every two years to buy as many votes as possible from the super-majority of American voters who are women still demanding free stuff for “very special me”.

How come no one ever asks what all that “me” crap does to our boys?  What are such “eternal victim” women going to do after they have destroyed those of the other half before they could even become men?  It’s really amazing what you can do with impunity, to your own advantage, in this country to a group with no lobby ….. especially if your own lobbies have been for a half century the most powerful on Earth.

Question:  Just what does it say about you and your group if this is the way you “advance”?   On the crippled minds of boys your group systematically screws?   The thing that surprises me most is the fact that boy “bullies” are still a small minority.

It occurs to me that I moved around a lot when I was growing up, and while I did encounter one or two would-be bullies here and there, as a boy I never ran into any of those other creeps.  The bully wannabes just needed a little abrupt help to see the error of their ways, but none of those other creeps ever entered my world.  I wasn’t even aware that such people existed.  I’m sure there were some there, but they definitely were not everywhere, and all the time, as they are today.  What the hell happened to my society in just the last forty years?

Here and there I see hints.  For example, the last time an American woman showed any real understanding of men, didn’t belittle them or blame them for everything, when she wasn’t too busy whining about her own victimhood while glorifying “me”, was a half century ago, when Harper Lee wrote about her dad during the Great Depression.  And, incredibly, Atticus wasn’t evil or stupid or deranged.  He wasn’t even on some woman’s leash.  And he wasn’t a bully, either.   He was just a man, an American man, of a time long gone, a time later destroyed by American women.

Now there are all these rights, and not a responsibility in sight.

The truth will set you free.  But first it will piss you off.” – Gloria Steinem.

She should have added, “But only if it’s The Truth, and not just My Truth.”

Isn’t it so much more self-satisfying, and, of course, easier, not to mention cowardly, to blame the children, rather than the “special” women who created them?  And it’s all so neatly according to that gospel of “me”.

The very worst bullies are sexist bigots, and there is no bully worse than sexist bigots who are able to exercise their tyranny of the majority with impunity.


P.S.  A certain amount of “bullying” early in life is actually healthy, for both boys and girls.  As you go through Real Life, you’ll discover that not everyone is going to jump up and kiss your “special” royal ass, so it’s a good idea to have some experience dealing with that potentially devastating reality.  I got beat on a lot through most of my life, beginning around age 11.  Today I have steel skin; you can beat on me all day long, and I probably wouldn’t even notice.  There’s a certain satisfaction to standing unfazed above all the really small people in the world.


(See “Why Are American Men So Dumb?” and “The American Spirit .. Now Belongs To China”, posted separately.)


Footnote #1Autism.  As with “attention deficit disorder”, boys in America are now being diagnosed as autistic at rates eight to ten times higher than for girls, and those rates are steadily climbing, especially among white middle-class families with both parents pursuing careers.  Despite all the interest group propaganda, social autism is today exactly what it has always been – a consequence of the failure of the infant brain to learn appropriate responses to external stimuli, and most importantly, to human stimuli.  As has been well based in solid science since at least the 1950s, the process begins at the cell level and gradually progresses to the entire social organism as the brain learns to interpret and respond appropriately and with ever greater sophistication to various stimuli.  Since the beginning of mankind this learning process has required significant, frequent, and close social reinforcing interaction between the infant and its mother from birth through the first two years of life.  (Previously most cases of autism were found in under-staffed infant orphanages, NOT among white upper middle class homes where both parents are pursuing careers – as is the case today.)  For the highest performing brains on the planet, any deficiencies in this requisite human animal early learning process become quickly and blatantly apparent.

The very most critically important period for a human’s social and intellectual development is the first 1,000 days of life, and it takes a really LOT of constant very hard and very caring workThere is absolutely nothing more important to human social and intellectual development than very caring human interaction during the first two years of life.  This is the very period that is most immune to outside scrutiny.  We have a tendency, due primarily to propaganda promulgated by women’s lobbies and the legions of women who now overwhelmingly dominate the social “sciences”, to view this period as one of deprivation endemic only to abject poverty, but the truth is that neglect is not a matter of poverty, but of adult personal irresponsibility.  (One purpose of such propaganda is to get government to fund ever more programs designed to relieve mothers of their inherent responsibility and employ some of those millions of excess social “experts” in assuming those responsibilities for them.)  For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that 40% of American babies under age 2 are now handed one of those smart phone toys to use before they can even speak full sentences.  Since it’s no secret that those toys function as a pathetic substitute for the absolutely critical human interaction required at that age, the Academy says that no child under age 2 should be given such toys.  It’s just an ineffective way to assuage parental neglect.

Anne Fausto-Sterling, a biologist at Brown University, has shown that mothers talk to infant girls much more than to infant boys.  This could explain why girls tend to have better language and social skills later on, and why social autism among boys is enormously higher than among girls.

In November 2014 a 53-year old nurse who became a multi-millionaire in a medical business was convicted of forcibly killing her 8-year old autistic son, born when she was 45, with drugs in a luxury New York hotel room.  As he was dying in December 2010, she emptied the boy’s trust fund into her own account, and, predictably, then tried to shift blame to previous husbands and boyfriends.

At the same time as the New York conviction, on the other side of the country, a 34-year old woman threw her 6-year old autistic son off an Oregon bridge to his death 100 feet (30 m) below.

American women DO destroy their own creations, in more ways than one.

Though charged with murder, the jury found the nurse guilty of a (naturally) lesser manslaughter charge, deciding she was under “extreme emotional disturbance”.  She tried to claim without evidence that the boy had been a victim of child abuse, but in March 2015 the judge gave her 18 years in prison, five of which she has already served.  “The poisoning and killing of an 8-year-old boy is a premeditated act of child abuse,” he said.  Ya think?

The reason there has been an explosion of social autism among boys is that many American mothers tend to “earn their stripes” by eventually, usually well after age 35, having their trophy child – who is then placed on a comfortable shelf while the mother quickly “gets on with her life” in some career.  We’ve all been hearing ad nauseam forever about the choices women have.  Well, they should make the damned choice and stick with it, one or the other, like responsible adults.  And if they aren’t willing and able to assume full responsibility for their own choices, then they should be held criminally accountable and financially liable for the consequences.  The autism explosion among American boys is due to abject neglect – a result of the arrogant belief among many American women that boys, like men, can “damned well take care of themselves”, while girls are “special” and thus deserving of “extra attention”.  The huge disparity in genders of those now diagnosed with social autism is the same as with a wide rage of other social disparities; it’s primarily a consequence of bigotry among narcissistic women.

(Concerted efforts in recent times to include in the definition of “autism” a whole range of similar but physiological disorders does not change the truth for the original socio-psychological disorder one bit.  These inclusion efforts are intended to pump up numbers so as to increase research funding and attention for the other disorders, while at the same time shielding mothers of social autistics from justified blame, i.e., blurring the lines so as to cloud the truth.)

I’ll repeat it:  Social autism is a consequence of neglect, which itself is today a consequence of bigotry and self-involvement on the part of the mother.  (Laws and regulations, plus better knowledge, for the most part adequately protect infants today in American orphanages against the tragic consequences of under-staffing.  This problem, however, remains significant in struggling economies such as former Soviet republics, including Russia.)  The simple fact that the only effective treatment of social autism today still involves lengthy, significant, frequent and close interaction between the child and adult professionals at great cost verifies this neglect causal relationship.  Unfortunately the disorder is usually “recognized” far too late for such treatment to ever be able to make up for the earlier and far more critical social interaction deficiency.  The earlier the diagnosis,  before age two, the more effective the treatment.  The treatment professionals are in effect replacing the mother, but almost always far too late in the child’s development.  The window of responsibility, which begins at birth, has almost closed.  (A recent trial program in Texas even substitutes professional humans with non-threatening robots with unlimited patience – to give you an idea of just how fundamental a social process this always has been.  And, no, robots are not nearly as effective as humans.)

Furthermore, about 15% of pregnant women take antidepressants like Prozac and Celexa which are known to increase the risk of premature births and birth defects, autism, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, and lower cognitive abilities in their children.

If certain women find such truths harsh – tough.  Male predators are not the only adult creeps doing great harm to our children.  We’ve all heard more than enough of the blame-shifting and self-serving rationalizations, and are now faced with the increasing demands for society to pick up the tab for the irresponsible neglect of others as all these autistic children move into adulthood.  If you don’t want the full responsibility, don’t have children!  It’s far too important!

If your child has been unfortunate to have been diagnosed with a physiological disorder that has autistic-like symptoms – don’t allow it to be labeled autism!  While such children fully deserve the very best that specifically targeted medical science can provide, sooner or later our society WILL return to proper standards that appropriately assign credit or blame for the children that women willfully create in the social arena.  This especially includes single women who choose to have children knowing that it will be impossible for them alone to devote the required attention to those children.  Society is NOT responsible for the choices women freely make.  You are NOT more important than your child, regardless of its gender.  Each and every one of all those rights you claim DO come with corresponding responsibilities, and NONE is heavier than those with children, and the younger the child the greater that responsibility.  Furthermore, the responsibility with boys is every bit as heavy as it is with girls.  There is simply no harder or more rewarding human endeavor than raising healthy, well-rounded and solidly based children.  If you aren’t up to that challenge, find something less substantial to do – maybe president of a bank or CEO of a corporation, that someone else built.  It’s not just a “right”, a “choice”; mothers are also responsible.  These days I’m beginning to think many of them should also be held criminally accountable.

(And don’t have kids until you have at least graduated from a decent high school!)

Note:  Of course efforts continue unabated to deflect blame from sociology to physiology, to get women off the hook for their autistic children.  Recent “studies” try to blame “air pollution” and “older parental age”, even DNA or hospital germs.  About one in three American women of reproductive age is now obese; another recent study showed that obese pregnant women are 60% more likely to give birth to a child with autism than women of a healthy weight.  But none of these studies examine the behavior of the mother from birth through age two of the child, or come anywhere near explaining why such a huge majority of autistic children are male.  That’s why “boys” and “girls” are now despicably hidden behind uni-sex labels like “children” by these creepy women.

In 1970, social autism, now referred to as “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD), occurred in roughly 1 in 700 children born in the US.  Today, that figure is roughly 1 in 68 – a ten fold increase over the past forty years.  In February 2015, the New York Times reported that very extensive scientific research over the past ten years into every area possible has failed to find a single explanation for that phenomenon, pointing instead to “an interplay of genetic and environmental” factors.  Of course, the New York Times did not report that eight times as many boys as girls are diagnosed with ASD.  No one on planet Earth would be able to avoid hearing about such gross gender disparities if the genders here were reversed, but in the case of boys censorship is perfectly acceptable. So the clear implication is that gender is the genetic factor and social interaction is the environmental factor.  Researchers at the University of Toronto, unsuccessfully trying to find links in a study of twins, concluded, “We think that pretty much every child has their own form of autism.”   It just depends on how much each boy is a victim of sexist neglect, and how.

A related matter is Down Syndrome.  Down syndrome (or Trisomy 21) is today the most common cause of mental disability.  It is a condition in which the person has an extra chromosome 21 and is often associated with mental retardation and other problems such as heart abnormalities.  In 1983 the median age at death was 25; now it is over 50.  It is not inherited but is caused by a fertilization disorder, the risk of which is well known to increase in women over 35 and men over the age of 45.  The number of Down syndrome pregnancies has risen in parity with the rising childbearing age of mothers since the 1990s and is now the cause of over half of terminations.  The increase in Down syndrome pregnancies is due solely to elective decisions made by the mother.  “If it’s standardized according to maternal age, then incidences are at the same level as 20 years ago,” says a researcher who concluded a Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) study on the subject in 2015.  “The increase can be explained entirely by the fact that women are giving birth older,” says THL Research Professor Mika Gissler.  The mental and physical risks to the fetus of such free choices are serious.  Five percent die in the fetal stage and another five percent fail to make it through the first year of life.  Heart defects and other structural disorders in internal organs are prevalent, and the risk of leukemia is also great.  Those born with Down syndrome will face enormous challenges and require great assistance for the remainder of their lives – all due to free choices made by women serving themselves first and then shifting the costs of those choices to others, from the child, to the family, and on to society.  “Women have rights; they do NOT have responsibilities.”  Everyone else has the responsibility for ensuring whatever rights women decide to demand, for themselves, damned anyone else adversely affected.

(Overall, about 60% of those born with Down Syndrome are males (40% are females).  Also, more males with Down syndrome are born to young mothers (age less than 35 years) while elderly couples had an excess of girls.  Note that these figures do not reflect the number of fetuses conceived with the disability, but rather the decisions of the mother.  In the UK over 92% of Down Syndrome pregnancies are terminated; in California that figure is below 60%.)

Addendum:A study conducted by Autism Speaks (an organization that sponsors research and raises awareness of autism) was published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry in June 2015.  The study, the largest ever examining parental age and autism, involved more than 5.7 million children in five countries – Denmark, Israel, Norway, Sweden and Western Australia.  Almost all such studies seek to find explanations for autism that deflect blame away from the elective choices made by women, and to instead find causes in genetics or fathers.  And this major study also found that autism rates were 28 per cent higher when fathers were in their 40s, compared to in their 20s (a figure without consideration of the mother’s age).

But it also found that children born to teenage mothers were 18 per cent more likely to have autism than children born to women in their 20s.  And mothers over 40 had a 15 per cent increased risk of having a child with the syndrome, compared to those who were in their 20s.  The research also showed autism rates rose higher still when both parents were older.  And while it implied that the father aspect had to do with sperm count, it offered no explanation, NONE, for the mother factors.  Just imagine:  You study 5,700,000 children in five countries, and THIS is the best you can come up with?  It’s just testament to the power of “special” Western women – to wallow in their perpetual victimhood solely to avoid the just responsibility for their own free choices, their own elective behavior.

Social autism is a consequence infant neglect, a result of inadequate human interaction during the first two years of life.  Today half of Western children are born to single women, and half of the rest are “raised” by divorced women.  Autism is thus an indirect result of the changes women have made to the definition of “family” in Western society and a declining sense of responsibility women feel toward the children they elect to bring into the world, and most especially toward those children born as males.  Raising healthy and well-rounded kids, girls AND boys, is a full-time occupation!  And it requires appropriate gender role models throughout the process.  Only “special” sexist bigots refuse to accept this.

Footnote #2Female Bullies.  You can always bet your last dime that all those self-serving women, especially those in “education” and “journalism”, so intent on keeping gender out of the public discussion whenever boys are at a disadvantage will introduce gender into the discussion in a heartbeat wherever girls are perceived at a disadvantage.  That’s what they do; it’s ALL about “me”, for a half century now.  The Ugliest American.  The majority Bigot Bully.  Being a bully, of course, is perfectly acceptable, as long as you bully with a self-righteous smile, with a well practiced passive-aggressive style, while screaming about all your “rights” and “choices”.

And, wonder of wonders, bullies do beget bullies.

Just consider the mind-numbing self-involved audacity of a group as large as half the US population believing that a federal law like Title IX, adding to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, is a right “just for me”, as if education were something like abortion.  (Title IX is 40-year-old equal economic opportunity civil rights law mandating equal gender balance in every single aspect, most especially in achievement results, of American education, K through post-graduate school – just as much for males as for females.  There is nothing in that law about women or about sports; the intent was to ensure balanced academic achievement.  There is almost no educational institution in America today that is in compliance with that civil rights law – primarily because women’s lobbies in recent times have succeeded in promulgating the lie that it only applies to women’s picayune competitive college sports programs.)

P.S. If you as a woman find it uncomfortable to be on the receiving end of charges you have been leveling at others for the past century (misandry, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, etc.), get over it; the future is guaranteed to get far harsher for you.  It comes with the territory.  It’s part of the birthright price of being “The Man”, of being that “someone else”.  That role will very soon be yours, not as a result of anything you’re achieved, but rather by default – by systematically destroying the other half, when it was still in childhood.  (And, just for the record, I can’t stand those dumb losers, either.  But I don’t hate them.  It’s more like a hopeless pity, for my country.  I had such high hopes, when I was young.  In those days boys knew no limits and men pushed far beyond the limits and went to the stars; now they sit around, get fat and “tweet” monosyllabic pablum in their herd.  Most young Americans I meet now, including college graduates, are incredibly ignorant, shamefully under-educated, and going nowhere while mindlessly parroting the same ingrained group-think dogma devoid of both fact and logic.  The key to “success” seems to be specializing in ever tinier parts of a whole.  They have no idea at all of what’s coming, from every direction, very soon – from those everywhere who are not Americans.  The only things that have kept us in the game this far is the wealth we inherited from our grandparents and much better educated immigrant brains, but even the imported lifeline is dwindling as these people see better promise elsewhere, and nothing but impending fiscal catastrophe here.)

I wonder how far men would get urging women to “get in touch with their masculine side”.

Nothing has perverted American society more than the relentless dominance of our majority women in the voting arena.  Interested only in themselves and their countless “rights”, the essential key for anyone buying their votes is, “Tell them only the nonsense they want to hear.”  Our whole society is now based on lies advanced by self-serving propaganda in which the majority has all the rights and none of the responsibility.  You’d think that after a half century of this stuff, women would be ready to move on, and just grow up, but instead they seem to be stuck in a 1970 loop, playing the same whining song over and over again ad nauseam.  This is “the tyranny of the majority” that is destroying America piece by piece, especially the minority that is male before it can get started.  It must be nice to never be on the receiving end of all the accusations, criticisms, orders and blame you incessantly hurl at others.

Footnote #3:  ADHD.  Nearly one in five (20%) high school age boys in the United States and 11% of school-age children overall have received a medical “diagnosis” of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by age 17, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The figures, which reflect a marked rise over the last decade and are more than twice as high for boys than for girls, showed that an estimated 6,400,000 million children ages 4 through 17 had received an ADHD diagnosis, a 16% increase since 2007 and a 53% rise in the past decade.  The number of American children “diagnosed” with “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” (ADHD) doubled from 1994 to 2014, just twenty years.  About two-thirds of those with a current diagnosis receive prescriptions for stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall, which can lead to addiction, anxiety and occasionally psychosis.

By any health standard, such an explosive increase constitutes an unambiguous epidemic.  If the epidemic involved girls none of us would have a moment’s peace until the epidemic was vanquished.  But since it involves boys, it’s greeted with a yawn.  The label “ADHD” leads to all sorts of “treatments”, from mid-altering drugs to place the “afflicted” in stupors to “special” education programs designed for “slow learners” to warehouse classroom jails to expulsion from school  – all of which can be classified under the title of Failure.  Of course, an objective person could simply view it all for what it is – a grossly shamefully manifestation of systematic bigotry.  How many of these boys were simply neglected as infants, placed on a comfortable shelf and ignored unless needed to gain sympathy points for the mother?  How many of those boys are bored out of their minds by sup-par teachers and curriculums and teaching methods designed for girls?  How many of those boys simply do not fit well into the tight little boxes that women prefer to construct for girls – and then cram boys into the same boxes?  How many of those boys simply refuse to become the compliant girls that supremely arrogant women want them to be?  (“To achieve perfection you must become me.”)  How many are purposefully sidelined by women unwilling to invest what is required of their own parental and teaching responsibilities?  From what I read of the women who proclaim themselves “experts” in this arena, my best estimate is that about 90% of the epidemic steadily killing many millions of America’s boys is a consequence of bigoted women’s deliberate design, women who absolutely refuse to recognize their own bigotry, who actually believe their own inherent perfection precludes such bigotry, and even if bigotry is involved, women, due to their “eternal victimhood”, cannot be held responsible much less accountable for their own despicable behavior.  But, of course, since the victims are boys, no one cares enough to risk upsetting the guilty party – highly emotional sexist women.

While small percentages of children do evidence severe disorders that can be assisted by proper treatment, the incredibly high rates suggest that millions of children may be taking powerful medication merely to calm behavior or to do better in school, i.e., have chemicals do what adults fail to do in properly raising and teaching children.  “There’s a tremendous push where, if the kid’s behavior is thought to be “abnormal” — if they’re not sitting quietly at their desk — that’s pathological, instead of just childhood,” said Dr. Jerome Groopman, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the author of “How Doctors Think.”   That push is coming mainly from women who are parents and teachers.  With such huge numbers, it is not possible to regard these women as anything other than irresponsible slackers operating with impunity. (ADHD Diagnosis:  Grade school age:  16% boys, 7% girls.  High school age:  20% boys, 9% girls.)

Footnote #4.  Police Power.  Dose anyone think it makes me proud to be an American when some obese out-of-shape cop with an IQ of about 50 whips out his mighty ninja taser to electrocute an unarmed citizen half his size who’s being a little unruly in public?  Why does such a sorry excuse for a “man” never use the same method with women?  Didn’t anyone ever teach such jerks a few simple non-lethal tactics to physically control others?  These guys just get off on being given a green light by government to inflict pain, injury and even death on other humans, just to get their phony machismo adrenaline fix.  Why does it take ten or more cops with automatic weapons to fill a single guy full of holes?  Didn’t anyone teach them to shoot accurately, with one or two bullets intended to disable?  It’s just an officially sanctioned herd operating out of control without responsible command direction.  The same applies to “suicide-by-cop” – that is only possible with a male, never with a female.  It’s taking out your own self-loathing on others, who don’t stand a chance.  Just because you hate yourself does not give you a free pass to take out that hatred on others like you.  There is no “special” in equal; just because women have spent a half century trying to convince everyone otherwise does not invalidate truth.  By exempting over half the population from equal treatment, you simply raise the stakes with those who are left.  I just know that a lot of these mighty mental midgets with badges are busy at the office using all those new and nifty “investigative’ tools to snoop around in the private lives of their neighbors, their dates, their relatives, anyone who ticks them off, on the taxpayer’s dime.  God help us all when these twisted bullies get their hands on their very own Predator drones.

None of such creeps would survive ten minutes in any Regular Army unit under my command; either you can do the job properly, professionally, responsibly, intelligently and with honor, or you can find another job.  Whenever I encounter that crap in America, I just can’t help traveling back in my mind to the lives of citizens living under the unaccountably ruthless police in communist states throughout eastern Europe.  Violence begets violence; the more violence you inflict on citizens, the more violence they will return against you – and the more respect you will lose among those watching.  This is not MY America.  It shames us all.

Ours has become a “society” running in reverse with no moral compass.  It’s all about “me”.

(And, yes, I do reserve a special place in my mind for women judges and prosecutors passing judgment on boys in criminal court without ever considering the women who created those boys.  There is just something incredibly perverse and self-serving about women condemning their own creations, in their own image.  Obviously American women can’t stand themselves, either.  Women have rights and choices; their sons create themselves, and automatically assume all the responsibility.  That’s just demented.)

Footnote #5.  Coming Apart.  Just what does it say about the state of our society when a man like Charles Murray will invite ridicule from both the right and the left by still focusing on race just to avoid biting the bullet and focus on gender?  In his latest work, “Coming Apart”, the social scientist who previously authored “Losing Ground”  (1984) and “The Bell Curve” (1994), reaches many correct conclusions, but, just like our politicians, misses the mark in assigning causes (obviously deliberately).  Murray, an Iowa boy who followed his Harvard education with a stint in the 1960s Peace Corps, uses two American communities at opposite extremes to illustrate his theme – Belmont (an upscale Boston suburb) and Fishtown (a working class Philadelphia neighborhood).  Both mostly white communities went into rapid decline and destabilization during the Baby Boomer 1970s, but Belmont stabilized itself by the mid-1980s, while Fishtown did not.  Murray places credit for Belmont on what he calls “the founding virtues” – marriage, honesty, industriousness and churchgoing – which were to the Founding Fathers the under-pinnings of an informed citizenry and a successful democracy.  In Belmont these virtues were flourishing, but in Fishtown disappearing. 

I personally would give credit to several other factors in Belmont – equitably shared personal responsibility, a more stingy welfare state, plus the ability, most especially for boys, to avoid public schools in favor of very demanding single-gender private schools.  After all, other studies have shown that the two most critical factors in avoiding poverty in America are to finish high school and delay childbirth until marriage.  Beyond that, it’s mostly a matter of subordinating “me” to “us” – with the children at the center, equitably, regardless of gender.  Note that well over half the children born in the US are born to single women, while almost 60% of American women between 18 and 48 have never been married and never had children.  Now tell me again: just what is fostering our burgeoning welfare state of permanent dependency as a birthright entitlement without responsibility?  Just which “me” is expecting “someone else” to take the blame, pay the bills and do the hard stuff?  Right.  Still, with the country now providing university degrees every year to twice as many women as men, guess who is rapidly becoming that “someone else”.  The very same group with a million rights and no responsibility.

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