“The News”

I picked three topics at random making the “news” during April 2014 and took a closer look at what was actually being sold via a wide range of deliberate deceptions.  I’ll probably add new items to this article as time goes on, or I may end up just deleting it.  American “news” is, after all, transitory, intended for the two-minute attention span.  Perhaps I will use it to just vent about some of the things about my society that just run me up the wall without offering the slightest hope for the future.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my anger in check when writing on these topics, but if I get too emotional, please take me to task.

(Another news item that just won’t die involves the events in Benghazi in September 2012, less than two months before the last presidential election.  Unfortunately that story, due to stupidity on the part of both political parties, and the naivety of the American public, is far too narrowly focused, so it looks like a boring matter of beating a dead horse.  Now it’s once again gaining shaky legs on Page 2, but will probably be ignored by most Americans. In order to properly understand Benghazi you need an ability and knowledge to view an issue over a period longer than two minutes, and understand how parts fit into a whole, a continuum longer than 140 characters.  If you’re one of the few with an interest (and you should be interested), there’s a summary of the full story, an actually valid news story, in the far larger context, posted separately at “Why Benghazi Is Important”.  I’ve added some of my own direct knowledge to that article to assist in understanding.)


(I usually use respected US, European and Asian print media for my news sources, but I recognize that many younger people today use digital media sources, so I’ll adjust.)


6.  The Malaysian Airliner In Ukraine

5.  “Stupid” Supreme Court Decisions 

4.  Nigerian School Girls


1.  School Vouchers

2.  Autism

3.  “Bridgegate”



++++++++++ THE RUSSIAN BOGEYMAN ++++++++++

6.  Who Shot The Malaysian Airliner Over Ukraine?

The American and European newstainment industry is churning out stories every five minutes about the Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine on 17 July 2014, most of it with an ulterior political motive – primarily of the usual anti-President “Bogeyman” Putin bent.  The following article, by a reporter who took the time to get his facts straight, is actually accurate and does not have a political agenda. ((Comments in double parentheses are mine.))


Without radar, missile may not have identified jet

Associated Press, 20 July 2014, by Danika Kirka and John-Thor Dahlberg

LONDON (AP) — If Ukrainian rebels shot down the Malaysian jetliner, killing 298 people, it may have been because they didn’t have the right systems in place to distinguish between military and civilian aircraft, experts said Saturday.

American officials said Friday that they believe the Boeing 777 was brought down by an SA-11 missile fired from an area of eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists. U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power said the Russians might have provided technical help to the rebels to operate the systems.  ((If this is true, it was extremely inept help – which the Russian military, including the GRU, definitely is not.  It is simply inconceivable that, if the Russians were working covertly with the separatists, that they would risk doing something so incredibly stupid with a fundamental concept that it would undermine their whole effort.  The GRU (Russian MI/Special operations), along with select elements of the Russian army, have been the focus of concerted efforts over the past decade to dramatically increase their professionalism – with remarkable success.  Just because civilian women like Power don’t know squat about military stuff does not mean that military professionals also don’t know what they’re doing or talking about.  Samantha Power was engaging in carefully worded innuendo and propaganda – which no military professional would have stated with a straight face.  It’s a lot like her predecessor Rice speaking of an obscure video clip causing the Benghazi attacks on all TV channels.))

But to function correctly, an SA-11 launcher, also known as a Buk, is supposed to be connected to a central radar command — as opposed to acting alone — to be certain of exactly what kind of aircraft it is shooting at.

From the information that has come to light so far, the rebels don’t appear to have such systems, said Pavel Felgenhauer, a respected defense columnist for Novaya Gazeta, a Moscow-based newspaper known for its critical coverage of Russian affairs.  “They could easily make a tragic mistake and shoot down a passenger plane when indeed they wanted to shoot down a Ukrainian transport plane,” he said.

On Friday, Russia’s state-owned RIA Novosti news agency also quoted Konstantin Sivkov, director of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, as saying Buk missiles “should be provided with external systems of target identification, that is, radio-location systems. It’s an entire system. And the insurgents certainly don’t have radio-location.”

Without a backup, a missile can be fired by operators who are not totally sure of what they are aiming at.  “Just seeing a blip on a radar screen was in no away sufficient to make a targeting decision,” said Keir Giles, associate fellow for international security and Russia and Eurasia programs at the Royal Institute of International Affairs. “You need an additional radar system to which these weapons systems can be connected for additional information.”

Social media postings from the rebels in the immediate aftermath of Thursday’s Malaysia Airlines disaster also suggested they had assumed civilian aircraft were avoiding the area and that anything in the air was hostile((This confusion probably originated from the Ukrainian government, which was asked after the transport plane was shot down whether it should declare some of its airspace closed, but never did.))

If a missile was fired without attempting to identify the aircraft, the destruction of Malaysia Flight 17 would be an act of criminal negligence, said retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Robert Latiff. He said commercial airliners operate on known communications frequencies and emit signals that identify them and give their altitude and speed.  ((These automatic emission signals are designed to be identified by radio-location (radar) systems.))

“It doesn’t sound like the separatists were using any of this (information), or tried for that matter,” said Latiff, who oversaw advanced weapons research and development for the Air Force and now teaches at the University of Notre Dame.  “My guess is the system’s radar saw a return from a big ‘cargo’ plane flying at 30,000 feet or so and either automatically fired, or some aggressive, itchy operator fired, not wanting to miss an opportunity. It doesn’t seem they chose to seek any additional data before pulling the trigger,” Latiff said.

A NATO military officer, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to make public statements, said a Buk launcher, which is a self-propelled tracked vehicle resembling a tank, is ordinarily under the orders of a separate command post vehicle.  “In a totally textbook way of setting up, the command post vehicle assigns targets and designates the firing units — launcher 1 or launcher 2,” the NATO officer said.  ((This assignment to firing units is based on the command vehicle receiving confirming data from separate subordinate radar vehicles.))

((The Buk missile system is a family of self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air missile systems developed and fielded by the Soviet Union (in 1979) and upgraded by the Russian Federation.  Developed after the US announced its intention to deploy ground-hugging cruise missiles in Europe (NATO) during the “Cold” War era, it’s designed to destroy cruise missiles, smart bombs, fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles.  The US DoD calls it the SA-11 medium range SAM system.  (A newer Bak version is called the SA-17 SAM system.)  The complete system consists of three different types of vehicles – a command vehicle, a radar (target acquisition) vehicle, and a firing (transporter erector launch) vehicle.  Deployed systems usually have more than one dedicated radar (for bi-directional confirmation) and five or six firing vehicles all subordinate to the command vehicle.  It is a fully automatic system that does require significant training to understand principles, coordination and discipline.  Some of the firing vehicles do have rudimentary radar capability – intended for hot-fire combat conditions wherein anything coming at you is presumed hostile.  Among countries fielding this quite effective system, with appropriate training, include Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belarus, Finland, Georgia, China, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Egypt, India, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela.))

Once targeted by such a potent weapon, the Boeing wide-body twinjet would have had little chance. Edward Hunt, a senior consultant for IHS Jane’s, which provides news and analysis on defense and geopolitical issues, said a commercial plane is not a difficult target for someone who knows how to operate a surface-to-air missile system.  “Civilian aircraft fly in a straight line,” Hunt said. “A civilian aircraft doesn’t try to take evasive action. It probably didn’t even know it was targeted.”

In her remarks to the U.N. Security Council, Power said that a journalist had reported seeing an SA-11 system early Thursday in separatist-controlled territory near Snizhne, “and separatists were spotted hours before the incident with an SA-11 SAM system close to the site where the plane came down.”  Power didn’t identify the reporter. But on Thursday, AP journalists saw a rocket launcher near Snizhne.  ((Video shot surreptitiously by Ukrainian police show one lone firing vehicle moving through the early morning streets in a town near the Russian border; it was missing two of its four missiles – presumably one for the transport plane and one for the airliner.))

Rebels also bragged in June 29 report carried by Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency that they had gotten hold of some Buk missile systems from Ukrainian stocks, though they did not say how many or describe their condition. ((or whether they were COMPLETE systems.  Some members of the “Russian” separatists are former Ukrainian army personnel, who speak native Russian.  My guess is that they stole a firing vehicle from the Ukrainian army and thought they had all they needed.  They could easily possess sufficient knowledge to fire their stolen vehicle up – it’s fully automatic – and then make a Big Mistake, all on their own.))  A few weeks later, rebels shot down a Ukrainian Antonov 26, a military transport plane that can fly at altitudes of up to 7,500 meters (24,750 feet).

If Thursday’s disaster was due to mistaken identity, it would not be the first.  Soviet air defenses in 1983 accidentally shot down Korean Airlines Flight 007, killing 269 ((after tracking it on radar for hours and concluding that it was a US spy plane emitting a false identity)).  In 1988, the USS Vincennes, a guided missile cruiser, brought down Iran Air Flight 655, with 290 people aboard, after mistaking it for an attacking warplane.  ((Subsequent to this incident, civilian airliners carry automatic transmit devices that broadcast their identity for advanced radar systems.))

In October 2001, Siberian Airlines Flight 1812, traveling from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Novosibirsk, Russia, plunged into the Black Sea, killing all 78 aboard.  The Ukrainian military at first denied responsibility, but later admitted its military mistakenly shot down the plane during a training exercise.  ((The Ukrainian army, long suffering with low pay, poor leadership and training, institutional corruption, old equipment, bad morale and internal dissension, has had a reputation as borderline competent.  Getting its standards up to snuff to join “NATO” would require mega-bucks of US taxpayer money and years of US military training.))

Dahlburg reported from Brussels. AP correspondent Jim Heintz contributed from Moscow.

++++  End AP article.

In June 2015, a Russian scientific forensic examination of the plane’s wreckage concluded that the aircraft was hit by an older ground-fired missile that was not in the Russian inventory, but was in the inventory of the Ukrainian military.  This conclusion is expected to be confirmed in October 2015 by a separate forensic examination being conducted by western Europe.

((Also, just last month huge swaths of the civilian airline tracking system in Europe went dark or “off-line” several times for several minutes each.  Everyone was quick to blame a “NATO” training exercise, but “NATO” denied any involvement.  To my knowledge, an adequate explanation has not yet been presented, but I suspect rogue hackers playing with stuff they didn’t understand.  Ukraine was formerly known as the world spam capital, but not as a hacking mecca.))

((And last week Finnish customs intercepted and detained at the main airport in Helsinki a cargo plane containing missile guidance system components en route from Vietnam to Ukraine without proper paperwork.  The Finnish investigation is trying to determine the precise originator in Vietnam and intended recipient in Ukraine, along with other relevant facts before deciding on releasing the shipment.))

((Reports that the pro-Russian separatists are (or were) being covertly assisted by Russian special operations personnel under the direction of the GRU (Russian MI) are probably correct.  It is highly doubtful, however, that these people were involved in actions that resulted in the shoot-down on the Malaysian airliner.  My experience is that these Russian military personnel have significantly improved their professionalism over the past decade or so and can now stand their own with our own world-class US Army Special Forces. 

((But the Ukrainian army is also being covertly assisted by a force of over 300 far-right trained unconventional mercenaries or volunteers from all over western and central Europe, some even displaying swastikas on their black uniforms.  Italian newspapers have identified these people as coming from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany, Hungary and Ukraine.  An article in the Italian news magazine Il Giornale stated that these volunteers have taken part in the conflict as members of the Azov Battalion.  Fighting alongside the Ukrainian government, this group is financed by Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoiski.*  This was also reported by news agency Itar-Tass, who used the term “mercenary” when referring to the alleged fighters.  According to Il Giornale, however, the foreigners taking part in the fighting claim that they are not getting paid (which would deny the “mercenary” label).

((There has been considerable criticism of Russian support for the “rebels” in Eastern Ukraine.  But what did WE do when the Libyan “rebels” asked for help in their quest for “self-determination”?  We bombed the Libyan government and its country to ruble for eight months until its leader was dead.  Libya has been lawless and dysfunctional ever since, and some Islamic militant extremists there ever killed our ambassador and three other American men at the US consulate in Benghazi, and in July 2014 forced our diplomatic personnel in Libya to leave the country.  The most important thing that a single super-power status does for its owners is obviate the need for them to think.  It’s the same mentality that rules the minds of arrogant bullies whose first “thought” is to absolve themselves.  It all becomes little more than, “Because we can.”

See “American “Foreign Policy”“. posted separately.

((* Kolomoisky is an excellent example of the very deep-seated extremist right-left political divides that continually pull Ukraine in opposite directions at the same time – far beyond what most people think can happen in civilized countries.  Anyone seeking to naively play around in Ukrainian politics, on ANY corner, is literally playing with unstable dynamite.  Igor Kolomoisky (51) is an Ukrainian-Cypriot-Israeli business oligarch of Jewish descent and the current Governor of Dnipropetrovsk District.  A multi-billionaire with money in banking, finance, oil products, mass media, metals and petroleum (also in Russia and Romania), Kolomoisky is the second or third richest person in Ukraine.  A very prominent supporter of the Jewish community in Ukraine, he is nevertheless unrelentingly driven by money and power and has no compunction about shifting allegiance on a dime to further that objective.  Kolomoisky was an ally of Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko (a moderate nationalist), but then declined to finance her re-election campaign in 2010 and shifted his support to Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko (an ultra-nationalist who draws strong support from western Ukraine’s historical right-wing groups).  But Yushchenko completely tanked in the 2010 election – narrowly (questionably) won by pro-Russian Victor Yanukovych against pro-Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko. 

((After Yanukovych fled the 2014 Kiev riots, the interim president appointed Kolomoisky to his current post.  A day later Kolomoisky referred to Russian President Putin as a “schizophrenic shorty” who was “totally out of touch, completely crazy”.  Putin, naturally, regards Kolomoisky as an amoral opportunistic crook.  (Just imagine a Jew financing neo-Nazi groups to further his own political and financial objectives.)  Big Money, Rampant Corruption, Secret Deals and Daily Betrayal rule this country.  Anyone sane recognizes that Tymoshenko is (was, before Yanukovych threw her in prison, where her health deteriorated) the best leader for Ukraine, and one acceptable to Putin, but she has consistently been unable to overcome intense opposition from powerful self-interested oligarchs and extreme left-right political elements sufficient to get a firm handle on perpetual basket-case Ukraine.  If she couldn’t do it, it’s highly doubtful that anyone can (short of ruthless dictatorship).  In the end, for Ukraine’s sake, the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine should be allowed to go their way, and at least rid the country of one of its several major cancers.  Putin knows full well that Russia simply cannot afford to put the whole of Ukraine on the dole.  The most important thing that Ukraine needs is a solid constitution that locks in granite the Rule Of Law and creates the solid incorruptible institutions that will uphold the rule of law, equitably for all citizens and all groups and all politics.  After that, it needs at least a trillion dollars to pay off its debts and enable it to stand on its own two feet and finally move forward.  As Poland shows, Ukraine is already 25 years behind the power curve.))

Why is the United States always a great champion of “self determination”, but ONLY when the self-determination goes in the direction WE want?   Whenever it goes in a direction we DON’T want, we are always eager to beat the war drums in opposition.  Now we have it again with the “Russian separatists” in some regions of eastern Ukraine.  Exactly WHY are we so opposed to THEIR self-determination”?  Wouldn’t it make it easier to govern what has always been a dysfunctional basket case Ukraine with one less group of dissidents to try to accommodate?  Ukraine is never going to silence those people with military force.  And I’d certainly prefer to be working WITH the Russian military than against them.

Say what you will about Vladimir Putin, but he has a much better understanding of Europe and the US than they have of Mother Russia.  Mr Putin now enjoys popularity among the Russia people that exceeds 85%, and that popularity extends to the Russian intelligentsia.  And the more the West paints him as the evil “bogeyman”, the more his popularity rises.


And then there’s this:  On 8 March 2014 a Malaysia Airlines flight with 239 people on board inexplicably vanished over the Southern Indian Ocean.

Globally, 1,397 commercial airlines operate a fleet of 25,000 aircraft serving 3,864 airports of daily flights through a route network of several million miles.

Malaysia Airlines is a quite small commercial airline with a total fleet of just 88 passenger planes.  Most of its service area is in western Pacific Asia, with a little additional service to the Mid-east and Europe.

Just what are the odds that TWO Malaysia Airlines planes – BOTH Boeing 777-200ERs – would be involved in incredibly inexplicable and almost totally unique crashes in the span of just FOUR MONTHS?

My initial calculations place the odds at somewhere around 1 in 500,000, but I’m probably overlooking additional limiting factors that would push it well above 1 in 5,000,000.

Is this really a coincidence?

(The downed Boeing 777-200ER planes were 2 of just 12 owned by Malaysia Airlines.  21 of its planes are European Airbus; the rest are American Boeing, including 44  737s  used for regional flights.)


++++++++++ THE “STUPID” COURT ++++++++++

5.  “Stupid” Supreme Court Decisions

A lot of Americans are all excited about a couple of Supreme Court rulings over the past couple of years.  They claim that the decisions indicate a bunch of crazy old political “extremists” on the Court who don’t understand common sense, much less the law.  The first decision concerned the right of corporations to contribute funds to political campaigns, and the second more recent case concerned the right of certain corporations to not offer insurance coverage for four of 16 different methods of contraception.  The first decision centered on ‘freedom of speech’, and the second on ‘freedom of religion’, both enshrined as fundamental and unalienable human rights in our Constitution.  But what upset many contemporary Americans is the fact that the Court regarded corporations as “persons” – just like individual citizens.

Unfortunately, such a derisive view of the Court’s reasoning indicates little more than an inadequate education.  As I learned in my 9th grade civics course, corporate “personhood”  – that a corporation may be recognized as an individual in the eyes of the law – is a very old common law legal concept.  For two hundred years the Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment guarantee of “equal protection” of US laws as applying also to corporations.  Corporations are simply free associations of individuals united for a special purpose.  By viewing corporations as “persons” for the purpose of US law, corporations may be controlled, regulated and taxed by government, may engage in legal contractual business arrangements, buy and sell property, hire and employ workers, own patents, be held liable for the consequences of their actions, build structures, be sued in courts, and similar actions also applicable to individual citizens.  The concept enables corporations to be subject to many of the same laws that govern citizens, but also grants to corporations many of the same rights that citizens enjoy.  (It’s that “outmoded” balance between rights and responsibilities.)

It seems rather disingenuous for those who embrace such legal concepts when the benefit accrues to them, but not when it doesn’t.  Neither Court decision removed any rights from anyone; they just struck a couple of equitable balances.

The Court’s first decision reaffirmed the same right to corporations that accrue to unions, lobbies, political parties and special interest groups, which are also free associations of individuals united for a special purpose.  Isn’t it enough that we tax corporations while denying them the right to vote or even to influence their employees on how they should vote?  Unions, lobbies, parties and special interest groups, such as all those many powerful women’s lobbies, on the other hand, aren’t taxed at all, but they can legally influence and do deliver huge numbers of votes.  In American democracy, it isn’t money that counts; it’s votes.

The Court’s second decision affirmed the right of owners of a company to object to certain government impositions on the basis of religious belief.  In this case, the government had mandated that the company must provide insurance coverage for women’s contraceptives, but the owners of the company, a for-profit religious entity, objected to four of those contraceptives on the grounds that they constituted chemical abortion – which runs counter to the owners’ religious belief in the sanctity of life.  If they so wish, women can still obtain those four contraceptives elsewhere, just not under the company-provided insurance plan.

Of course, while everyone is focused on the “stupid” Supreme Court, no one is focused on the government’s mandate.  The “Affordable Health Care Act” of 2011 (heretofore known as “Obamacare”) invented another “right” that prior to now women did not have at all – the right to be provided insurance-covered contraceptives.  (They still don’t have that “right” if they work for a company with less than 50 employees.)  By requiring companies to include contraceptives (and a wide range of similar other services for women) under their universal insurance plans, our super-majority or women voters are, of course, getting “someone else” to pick up a huge portion of the costs of their own free choices, their own elective behavior.  No one is forcing American women to do anything, including engaging in sex, which is a decision reserved solely to them.  The exact same “rationale”, of course, can be applied to smokers, which is also a matter of free choice, of elective behavior.  But we over-tax, vilify, and ostracize “evil” smokers, while enormously subsidizing “special” women and never mention their responsibilities.  In America, we can now find ways to rationalize almost anything – as long as the beneficiary is “me”.


++++++++++ THE “SPECIAL” PEOPLE ++++++++++

4.  Nigerian School Girls: 

All rights, No responsibility.  “Someone else, DO something!”

Early May 2014, in every news outlet in the USAmerican women, with the supremely opportunistic Hillary Clinton and the iconic First Lady at the forefront, are anguishing, and making all sorts of political gain (and “selfie” “re-tweets”), over dozens of girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Invincible Probity:

This is mainly a pathetic effort to jump on a major emotional cause for self-promotion by typically doing nothing except further fanning emotion – so that “someone else” will feel compelled to do something for “very special me”.  (“But don’t EVER expect ME to actually DO anything.  I only want equal rights; I do NOT want equal responsibility.”)  It’s what I refer to as a “stampeding social media herd”, usually the result of adroit manipulation, very similar to what happens when some idiot throws a cherry bomb into the middle of several thousand grazing cattle.

Notice that they never mention anything about dozens of boys slaughtered earlier in that same country by that same group – or the facts that (1) the Boko Haram terrorist organization was largely armed by weapons secreted out of a Libya stupidly bombed by Hillary Clinton and that (2) Clinton as Secretary of State absurdly refused to label Boko Haram a terrorist organization.  Three million people have been forced to flee areas where the group is operating.  At least 7,000 killings have been attributed to this group over just the past two years.  But none of this ever penetrated public awareness.  For sexist and totally self-interested American women, only the living are victims; the dead are just dead, especially when you calculate that the dead are usually males.  Kidnapped girls are a far greater horror than slaughtered boys?  Boys are just inconsequential road kill for emotional women?  Saving boys is not worth sacrificing American soldiers, but rescuing girls is?  What kind of twisted creep thinks like that?  What kind of a twisted society nurtures it?  What kind of sick society even tolerates such sexist bigotry?

The people who want “someone else” to go into that situation, introduce further external trouble, and save the girls are the same people who shamefully consented to extremist morons in the US who refused to allow a true heroine against such Muslim extremism, Hirsi Ali, formerly of Somalia, to speak at Brandeis and receive an honorary doctorate – in America!!  All such asinine and shameful examples accomplish is make it harder for the US military to defend ideals elsewhere that don’t exist in the US!  How stupid is THAT?  There are now movements on American college campuses to censor and ban speech that might offend women by attaching penalties to any statements that might be construed as “sexual harassment”, to effectively ban valid criticism of the self-anointed “special” people in our society – a tactic also adopted by the very people imposing their dogma in Nigeria.  How is anyone supposed to interpret this nonsense?  “Do as I say, not as I do?”  Just who appointed American women the world’s unassailable self-serving dictator?  Just what threat does Boka Haram represent to the national security of the United States that such twisted domestic “thinking” does not?

There is nothing more pathetic than watching grown adults claiming to be “men” playing politician while incessantly groveling before women and their clones, falling all over themselves to kiss the ass of every woman in sight, just for the opportunity to tell them all the lies they demand to hear and to confiscate money from “someone else” in order to buy their votes.  After a half century of this pandering nonsense, it now just runs on brainless auto-pilot, as memorized pablum for perpetual infants.  Perhaps we all should just sit back and wait until American women run en masse into Nigeria to rescue the girls themselves.  They’re already thirty years late in assuming the responsibility parts of all those rights they’ve been claiming ad nauseam forever.  These are the most protected, the most pampered, the most promoted, the most privileged and the most powerful group to ever walk on planet Earth, and all they can do better than any other group is whine, demand that “someone else” pay the bills, take the blame and do the hard stuff for “special me”.  And these are the entitled princesses who decide all of our elections, speak incessantly of “equality”, systematically screw over boys in school.

Mass kidnappings and murder take place every few months in that thoroughly corrupt narco-state right on our southern border, but no one ever says “we” have to run into Mexico and rescue anyone.  Why is that?  Mexican dysfunction, coupled with our own appetite for its illegal drugs and humans, does far more damage to our own society than any other “problem” state in the world, but “we” simply prefer to ignore it.  Apparently “we” greatly prefer to send “someone else” to address “problems” far away rather than risk anything nearby that could possibly in any way impact “me” in my safe comfy home.  So, yes, there is an enormous amount of hypocrisy in “our” sense of “justice”.  Kidnapped school girls in far away Nigeria are far more important than kidnapped and slaughtered students dumped in mass graves in next-door Mexico while local, provincial and national officials watch.  Ever hear any Americans demand that their military invade Mexico and fix that mess?  (If they did, I’d volunteer in a heartbeat.)

Boko Haram is an extremist Muslim militant group.  While the group has roots that go back centuries, it drifted into extremism well over a decade ago when it formed ties with al Qaeda and similar loosely-knit extremist groups with the same objectives.  Nigeria, with about 175,000,000 citizens, has the largest population and economy on the African continent and thus represents a prime target for Muslim extremism.  For two centuries (1600s-1800s) Nigeria, with over 500 miles of Atlantic sea coast, was a principle player in the global slave trade, but today it is a federal constitutional republic (like the US) of 36 states comprised of over 500 ethnic groups divided mainly between Christians (south and central) and Muslims (north and southwest).  The country, which uses English as its official unifying language among many dozens of others, has a credible military, subject to elected civilian direction, and that military has been a major and effective player in continental peacekeeping roles elsewhere.

Inside Nigeria the military is anther matter entirely.  Billions of dollars intended for the Nigeria military have been systematically stolen by thouroughly corrupt politicians and their cronies in the national government.  Some 20,000 people have died in the extremists’ 6-year-old insurgency because Nigerian soldiers were not adequately paid and equipped to defend them from Boko Haram.  To compensate for inadequate military and police forces, poorly paid, trained and equipped local militia forces are being used, and they frequently operate well beyond the bounds of humanity.  These militia gangs routinely round up and kill innocent boys and young men, accuse them of being Boko Haram and kill them by the hundreds, usually with machetes.  So young male Nigerians are under genocidal assault by both Boko Haram and the militia forces; for them there is no difference between the two in the brutality of death they both inflict.

If and when the duly elected Nigerian government requests it, the US Regular military CAN provide, quietly in the background, professional advice and training plus advanced technology support to Nigeria’s military, but any effort to combat destabilizing elements inside Nigeria, including Boko Haram, must be completely under the control of the Nigerian government, which knows better than anyone the thousands of sensitive nuances that hold the country together, keep it from degenerating into greater internal strife – and executed solely by Nigerian forces.  What it does NOT need is a lot of external emotional pressure from privileged people who have zero skin in the game and zero understanding of the great complexity and dangers involved.  Locating the girls is only a small part of the problem; freeing them without great loss of life from such a group is the far larger part of the problem, and one that sets any rescuer up to be the fall guy.  National borders are of no concern to these extremist groups, so you can’t approach the problem without concern for inflaming them to greater extremism while pushing their extremism elsewhere.  Above all, whatever you do, you have to know what comes next, three to five steps down the road.

And you can’t give any more attention to the safety of girls than you give to the safety of boys.

And, for the record, the same kind of extremist ideology being used by Boko Haram against innocents is being used in Pakistan to kill medical workers trying to vaccinate children against polio, but, in this case, the US government assisted.  (See Footnote #1 to “A Raid From History”,  Hiding bin Laden – Some People Used To Be “Off-Limits”.)

Just like “feminist” extremism, Muslim extremism is an ideology.  You have to recognize and accept it for what it is – a cancer infecting the larger and far more worthwhile whole.  Both use the exact same censorship and propaganda techniques to further and strengthen its self-serving agenda. It’s not possible to defeat an ideology head-on, by attacking only its fanatics; you have to also find ways to undermine the ideology itself, so that its fanatics are left with no support base and the whole remains healthy.  Until recent times, the American justice system provided the tools for that, but those tools have also been undermined by the ideology and are only as effective as others on the receiving end of injustice are willing to use them.  The overall objective has to be to preserve the society, a society that offers equity for all, under one set of standards of rights and responsibilities. The same applies to Muslim extremism.

And then you still have to ask, “Why should the US military be sent off to help others far away when the people sending them can’t even be bothered to assist their sons at home?”

Christine Lagarde, currently the Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has also withdrawn from speaking at Smith after some students and faculty objected to her speaking at commencement.  This comes soon after former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice bowed to similar protests at Rutgers.  It all reminds me of mental midgets too afraid that their fragile self-indoctrinated dogma might be damaged if it were ever challenged by an alternative view.  It simply astounds me that people with such tiny closed minds could ever possibly gain entrance to an institution of higher learning in the United States.  How far the standards have fallen.  These are obviously people operating far beyond their intellectual capabilities as a result of life-long affirmative actions in phony “schools” that induced then to believe they were actually capable of functioning at such a level.  Just imagine:  Bona fide morons silencing freedom of speech, in America – at institutions of “higher learning”!  But then, of course, it’s just a logical extension of “feminism’s” very long practice of using “politically correct” dictate to impose censorship to avoid valid criticism and equitable responsibility – very similar to the “thinking” that went into Nazism – including through censors like Jill Abramson at the New York Times (who, naturally, was allowed to speak and whine as if it was still 1950 by the women at Wake Forest).  When you’re too lazy to measure up, blame everyone else, and use your brute power to then cripple them while they’re still children.  But above all, preserve the delusional bubble that you have created for yourself to provide your totally fake self-esteem.  Such delusional twits with their perverted “thinking” and voting majority are the greatest threat facing America. We are rapidly becoming a nation of willful morons, unworthy of defending.  (For the record:  I happen to fully agree with and admire Hirsi Ali, and, while having some major reservations about both Rice and France’s Legarde, for different reasons, I have often gone out of my way to hear what they have to say – because both have earned my attention if not my agreement.  And this much I do know: none of those idiots protesting these three women’s right to speak, anywhere, are qualified to shine their shoes.)

So all this is just another excellent example of the old truism that any twit off the street can stand in the very safe rear and scream orders to morons, i.e., “leading” from the rear.  And, of course, only morons would follow that “lead”.  I, for one, would never trust a Hillary Clinton, not even with my dog, and I know no professional military man who would.  Ditto for those other three “special” affirmative action women at the top, too (Rice, Power and Albright).  (The US Ambassador in Nigeria is, like the First Lady, also a rather tall African-American woman.)  Actually I can’t think of a single American woman who I would trust with the security of my nation or the lives of American men.  Such women (and their clones) care only about themselves, and they certainly don’t care one bit about sacrificing others for whatever they want for themselves at any given moment in time.

P.S.  Notice how the focus on Nigerian girls conveniently diverts public attention away from the lawless al Qaeda playground that is now Libya (now beginning its second civil war after similar mass hysteria generated by four American women resulted in bombing the country to rubble), from the never-ending mass atrocities and extremist training camps in Syria, from Iran’s continued development of nuclear weapons, the failure in Afghanistan, the slow steady disintegration of Iraq, the Russian dismantling of Ukraine, the impotence of “NATO” and the European Union, the endless “war on terrorism” – all prime examples of the stupid failures of American “foreign policy experts” in very high places operating far beyond their competence levels.  (It used to be called “The Peter Principle”.  Look it up.)  And a “chief architect” of that policy is parading around the country garnering $200,000 for each instance of her willingness to share her “hallowed wisdom” with wealthy morons hedging their bets.  Nothing like turning dung into gold.

Americans as lemmings…..


++++++++++ SCHOOL VOUCHERS ++++++++++

1. Taxpayer Money Used To Teach Nonsense

Politico.com:  Through voucher programs, 14 states funnel nearly $1 billion a year in taxpayer money to private schools, including religious schools that teach that “the world is 6,000 years old, Adam and Eve coexisted with dinosaurs, and most of modern biology, geology, and cosmology is a lie.”

Invincible Probity:

Check the last half of that statement.  Does anyone suppose that the person who wrote this stupid propaganda bothered to present any actual evidence of this nonsense, including just how many of those “religious schools” actually teach such stuff or what portion of that $1 billion goes to them?  The largest private school system in the country, which Politico clearly intended to taint with its reckless smear, is run by the Catholic Church and does not receive government funding, but rather is funded by parents who also pay for public schools (and vouchers) through taxes like everyone else.  Nor do they teach the nonsense described by Politico.  And many more of those who attend such private schools graduate with an ability to think, to analyze, to function independent of brainless herds, to recognize pure propaganda with ulterior political motives when they see it.

This “information” could not possibly have originated with the nation’s two largest and most powerful unions – the teachers unions – could it?  Could those needing votes for the upcoming elections possibly be pandering to a strong leftist voter base which those unions represent?  Could marginal “teachers” be concerned that the citizens who have to pay for them are getting tired of watching the most expensive public school industry in the history of humanity steadily fall further and further behind acceptable standards of performance?

Of course, the vast majority of kids in America attend public schools.  Just this month the Associated Press reported that Americans as a whole, products of those very same public schools, have a really “great” grasp of science.  The AP found that 51% of them doubt the universe was created by a Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, 42% doubt evolution, 37% doubt climate change is real and appreciably caused by man, and 15% doubt the safety of vaccines.  All of these figures, and many more, are two to three times higher than they were in 1960 as a product of the Greatest Generation’s public schools.  It’s pretty hard blaming all that reverse American knowledge among 320,000,000 citizens on those few religious schools supposedly teaching kids that the world is just 6,000 years old.  Maybe we might be better served by taking a closer look at all those public schools teaching little more than that the self-anointed “special” people among us have a million rights – which “someone else” is responsible for ensuring them, all under the heading of “equality”.

Today even an American college graduate knows less than the average high school graduate of a half century ago (the public at large in 1960), and that shame follows back down through grade school.  This is due to steadily declining standards throughout the American public school industry, which, in turn, is due to those self-serving unions caring far more about their membership than about our students, or the nation’s future viability, not to mention its global competitiveness.  The only reason those unions’ marginal schools continue to exist is that they are assured of funding that is simply confiscated from taxpaying citizens.  They definitely would NOT survive if they were required to actually compete to deliver a product that people actually WANT to pay for.  Our public schools are little more than day care centers used for forced indoctrination of “special” interest group propaganda.  (Just check out some of the books of material posted on this blog.)  Whatever those private schools are teaching, it certainly couldn’t be any worse than what the public schools are “teaching”.  So I’m in favor of giving vouchers to kids, and especially boys, to get the best education they can find, anywhere better than public schools they can find it, including from an Army sergeant standing out in the middle of an empty field.


++++++++++ AUTISM ++++++++++

2.  Autism: Why rates are rising

Deborah Kotz, Boston Globe:  Autism rates continue to soar.  The latest findings, released last week by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, show a 30 percent increase in diagnoses over the past four years, with one in 68 US children now suffering from some form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), from mild impairment in social functioning to severe withdrawal.  In 2000, an estimated one in 150 children was considered autistic, while in 2010, it was one in 110.

Jessica Grose, Slate.com:  Many parents are understandably alarmed by the apparent autism epidemic, said, but the rise in incidence may be misleading.  Doctors who treat autism say it simply doesn’t make sense that white children are 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed than black children, or that Alabama has an autism rate of one in 175 while New Jersey has one in 45.  These variations suggest that the overall higher incidence is at least partly the result of “raised awareness” of autism in middle-class communities.

Alice G. Walton, Forbes.com:  With more awareness, there are more diagnoses.  The definitions of ASD are “more encompassing than they were in the past,” and doctors are diagnosing it in children who would have received a different diagnosis, or no diagnosis, years ago.  In other words, “the data may not indicate that autism prevalence has actually jumped that much.”

Mike Stobbe, Associated Press:  There are also no accepted medical tests for ASD, meaning “diagnosis is not an exact science” and is based solely on “judgments about a child’s behavior.”  But even as awareness grows, researchers still can’t rule out “some actual increases” in the number of cases as well.

Sam Wang, New York Times:  One thing is abundantly clear.  Vaccines do not cause autism.  In fact, growing scientific evidence strongly suggests there are hundreds of autism-risk genes that can get switched on while the baby is still in the womb and its brain is still developing.  Severe air pollution is one risk factor; so is being born 9 or more weeks prematurely.  Hugely stressful events during pregnancy, such as moving to a new country or getting caught in a hurricane zone, also raise the risk.  So as prospective parents grapple with the rise in diagnoses, one bit of old folk wisdom applies: “Reduce stresses to the mother.”

Invincible Probity:

And, of course, smoking causes autism, too.  So do fathers.  And we can’t rule out violence on TV and video games.  Or global warming.  Rush hour traffic.  Right-wing extremists.  Even hurricanes.

All of those articles together is just the usual allowing of “entitled” sexist bigots to control the narrative, in order to absolve themselves of responsibility – by creating confusion and shifting blame to a whole range of other excuses, however implausible.  For example, there’s no mention here of:

>The fact that boys, as with many other childhood social problems in American society, are “diagnosed” with social “autism” at six to ten times higher rates than for girls.  In America, autism is mainly a malady inexplicably affecting boys at grossly disproportionate rates compared to girls.  Such is not the case in any other non-English-speaking country, including those in the Third World.  You’d never know this if you waded through all of the above articles.  This is a very clear indication of very important gender variables being purposefully buried.  It’s an indication of arrogant urban American women wanting normally restive boys to be compliant little girls and demanding to have them drugged into stupors to achieve that end – after the phony “attention deficit disorder”  (ADD ) “diagnosis” didn’t achieve the desired results.  They approach the “male problem” as they neuter pets, but all we ever hear about such social problems are generalities about some perverse “uni-sex” entity called “children” – which would definitely NOT be the case were the gender statistics for autism reversed.  (American women demand the use of “uni-sex” terms whenever they want to convey a false impression of girls being affected at rates the same as or greater than for boys.  And they demand the exact opposite whenever it’s advantageous to girls to do so.  It’s a cheap, and very common, self-serving propaganda technique in America.  That’s why there’s no money in boys.)

>The fact that a major reason for the “autism explosion” is a steady ever-broadening of its definition and an ever greater eagerness to “diagnosis” it — due to the enormous over-supply of Americans with various types of social “science” degrees who would otherwise be unemployable with those degrees (in the “education”, health, sociology and psychology fields).  The bigger the perceived problem, the more of other people’s money it garners, and the more “experts” go on the dole doing the work of parents, especially “single mothers”.  (Some children indeed are suffering with autistic-like disorders which are, in fact, the consequence of purely physiological factors, but their numbers are so small that they have difficulty getting the necessary research funding.  So the tactic is to lump such children into a much larger group, create great confusion, and get the funding needed for an “exploding” problem.  Unfortunately, because of the confusion, most of that funding will be misdirected and wasted, mainly by putting more women on the people’s payroll – to ineffectively address a problem other women created.)

>The fact that “autism” diagnoses is enormously higher among white middle class urban or suburban parents where the mother is also pursuing a career that is more important to her than properly nurturing her token-child-on-a-comfortable-shelf.  The only marginally effective treatment for social autism is the introduction of an enormous amount of caring professional human interaction, but unfortunately at a point far too late in the child’s normal physiological and psychological development.  This is why American women, responsible for nothing and accountable to no one, get to control the narrative; it’s another of their thousands of self-serving rights, including the right to be above valid criticism and avoid responsibility – at the expense of boys (who, of course, simply “create themselves”).

>The fact that the greatest cause of childhood social autism is infant neglect, which is why it was so prevalent in under-staffed US orphanages prior to the rise of Baby Boomers seeking other excuses (especially seeking physiological excuses that can be explained by genes and fixed with a pill) and remains enormously higher among under-staffed orphanages throughout most of the rest of the world.  Autism and under-staffed orphanages go hand-in-hand everywhere, and there is no difference in genders among those afflicted.  That the US is willing to use so much of other people’s money to address autistic and similarly developmentally disabled children is a major reason why so many of them are now adopted overseas and imported by American women (and those women adopt twice as many foreign girls as foreign boys).

Losers never end their quest to find any way possible to shift blame for their own behavior, except to the image in the mirror; lately genes is the favored patsy.

Want to dramatically lower social autism rates?  Require every parent to spend a LOT of time in (previously normal) loving human interaction with their infants from birth through the first two years of life.  And, when they get older, allow boys to be boys.  Presto!

Society and its children should NOT be penalized for the elective behavior of its “special” people.  On the contrary, some of those people belong in jail.

Some of these fake mothers can try to reduce the likelihood of autistic children by enrolling them in pre-school.  In Manhattan such a private school, only for children under the age of 2, offers courses in “napping” and “self-feeding” – at an annual tuition of only $33,500.  Naturally, there is now an effort underway in politics to get Big Daddy Government to pick up the pre-school costs.

P.S.  The absence of challenge is no guarantee of the divinity of your opinions.  On the contrary, in the case of American women over the past half century, the absence of challenge is merely a testament to the power of their many lobbies – dictating the discussion, suppressing any opposition and churning out endless self-serving propaganda. In such an environment, those opinions percolate in an artificial vacuum, and are thus certain to one day simply blow up.

Until that happens, American women have rights; they do not have responsibilities.  It is the responsibility of everyone else to ensure women get whatever rights they decide to demand, whenever they feel like demanding them.  “If you don’t, you’re a “misogynist”.”

A staggering 1,800,000 scholarly articles and scientific papers are published each year in 28,000 journals.  About 900,000 (50%) of these are never read by anyone except the journal editor, and 1,600,000 (90%) of them are never cited in other papers.  A huge portion of such papers in the US are the products of social sciences, i.e., psychology, health, sociology and education.  The United States is literally flooded with papers and studies that are simply junk science – studies that are pre-determined to realize a desired result, engineered to that end, and then trumpeted by interest group propaganda organs as “science”.  This is usually a consequence of who conducts the study, how it is funded, which group it “benefits”, how much non-scientific attention it is likely to receive, and the ulterior uses that can be made of its results.

Women overwhelmingly dominate the social sciences, and they receive an enormous amount of government and charity funding to study the endless “issues” affecting women and girls.  This has been the case for over a half century, and has now become a “normal” aspect of our society apparently existing in perpetuity.  You can easily find dozens of studies to confirm any positively perceived aspect of the female gender you can possibly imagine, but it is nearly impossible to find studies that serve to confirm any negatively perceived aspect.  Any study receiving public attention that is perceived negatively by women is guaranteed to receive immediate animosity and attack from women’s many powerful lobbies or to be totally ignored and buried by the heavily censored US “news” media and its women journalists.  This, in turn, would adversely impact the standing of the study’s author and institution and, more importantly, their ability to receive further funding in the future.  American women, and those funding their research, only want to hear the “truth” that they like, and they are extremely intolerant of any “truth” that does not support their beliefs and opinions and blame-shifting excuses – beliefs and opinions that have been drummed into their heads by their lobbies for generations.  Today it is simply not possible to succeed in any of the US social sciences unless you conform to this rigidly imposed policing and censorship structure.

So naturally it is also nearly impossible to find studies that show males coming out “ahead” of females, while we are all literally buried in studies showing men negatively.  Males are the inherently evil bane of Earth.  (Recently, for example, a women “expert” proclaimed that her “study” had “revealed” that the US military, with which she has absolutely no experience, is designed to nurture a culture of violent male Neanderthal racists and white “supremists” – and she was even able to have her totally hateful vilification published in the New York Times.)  Males in the US do not benefit from targeted funding, lobbies, censorship or propaganda, so white heterosexual males make the easiest targets for bigotry there is, the tethered targets in the free fire zone, the cause of everything negative in American society.  Add traditional masculine roles to this group, such as “soldier”, and it’s as acceptable and enjoyable as shooting rattlesnakes in a box.  Add the super-majority of women voters and their brainless clones to this equation, and you’ve established a totally unassailable self-serving dictatorship.  Women can and do say and write the most despicable things about males with full impunity, as another of their countless rights devoid of responsibilities, but the opposite is as permissible and likely as the Earth suddenly spinning in the other direction.  All of this, of course, makes American women the most virulent self-serving sexist bigots on the planet.  The impact all this crap has on boys is suffocating.  Because they have positioned themselves over the past forty years to be “above reproach”, they are also the most dangerous.   But don’t ever expect to see a study that might reveal such truths.

(And it never seems to dawn on these self-inflated creatures the degree to which their bigotry results in self-fulfilling prophesy.)

The average graduate student’s debt in the US rose 43% between 2004 and 2012 – to a staggering medium of $57,600 – a figure higher than the average yearly American income. Worse, debt for those pursuing advanced degrees in the humanities and social sciences grew more sharply compared to those pursuing other advanced degrees, such as business or physics – which have a significantly higher marketability and earn higher long-term returns in the marketplace.  Such trends are also reflected in undergraduate schools. Women dominate in the humanities and social sciences, while more men pursue careers in business and the physical sciences.  Apparently a lot of those in the humanities and social sciences are expecting various forms of government bail-out programs to relieve them of the crippling debt they voluntarily elected to assume long before they even began earning an income, in fields they knew to have middling pay scales.  Because of the natural law of supply and demand, over-populated fields will inevitably see a decline in the value of labor in them.  So one “solution” is to create a greater demand.  Such bail-out programs will include going on the people’s payroll to address a steadily growing list of “social problems” – that are invented in the social sciences.  This coincides nicely with another trend born in the social sciences, and fed by the power of the super-majority women’s vote, which holds everyone else responsible to compensate for the costs of the free choices and elective behavior of our “special” people.

(Women in the social sciences are currently “winning” the incredibly stupid and endless “war on drugs” by creating a demand that pulls more and more of other people’s tax money from the drug “enforcement” industry into the drug “treatment” industry.  Less enforcement, more addicts.  Get it?  But, of course, no one is looking into what it is about our sick mainstream society that induces so many of its citizens to escape into an alternate drug-induced society in the first place.  That just might require a hard look at the role in all this of our unaccountable “special” women with all their rights and no responsibility.)

So the first question to ask with any American social science study is whether or not women and their lobbies and journalists and politicians will like the results and how they will use those results for further objectives.  Once you do that you will be able to judge the true value and purpose of the study.  Based on my own examination of a sampling of these studies, I would estimate that less than 1% of social science studies published in the United States can stand up under the scientific standards that were in force a half century ago.  The other 99% is pure junk science used for propaganda purposes.

++++++++++ POLITICS ++++++++++

3.  Christie And The Media Hysteria Over “Bridgegate”

Alec MacGillis, NewRepublic.com:  The Bridgegate internal review is in, and, “not surprisingly, it lets Chris Christie off the hook.” The 360-page, $1 million, taxpayer-funded whitewash commissioned by the New Jersey governor on September’s lane closures at the George Washington Bridge exonerates him from any responsibility whatsoever for that act of political spite.  Instead, the report lays the blame solely on two people: Bridget Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, and David Wildstein, a Christie appointee to the Port Authority.  Both are accused of conspiring to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee for failing to endorse Christie for re-election by jamming up traffic in his town for days—and all without Christie ever knowing a thing.  “Well then!  If the people being paid $650 per hour by Christie say so, it must be true.”

Joan Walsh, Salon.com:  So now we know Christie’s strategy—“blame Bridget,”.  In a demonstration of “textbook misogyny,” the report depicts the loyal staffer—a divorced mother of four—as an “emotional” liar who acted hysterically in the aftermath of an affair with another top Christie aide.

Michael Tomasky, DailyBeast.com:  By trying to personally humiliate Kelly, Christie only proves once again that he’s a bully.  Everyone knows this internal review is “irrelevant.”  Christie commissioned it only so he could launch a preemptive strike against the credibility of Kelly and Wildstein, who he’s worried will testify against him in the only “investigation that matters”—the one being conducted by the US Attorney’s Office. Federal investigators are trying to find out whether Christie is lying and knew something about the lane closures.

Jennifer Rubin, Washington​​Post.com:  Liberals aren’t interested in the truth about Bridgegate.  They rightly fear Christie as a presidential candidate who could beat Hillary Clinton, and while they’ll dismiss this internal report, the investigators did interview 70 people and examine 250,000 documents, finding zero evidence of Christie’s involvement.

Jonathan Tobin, CommentaryMagazine.com:  Still, putting Bridgegate in the governor’s “rearview mirror isn’t as simple as that.” The “drip-drip-drip” of news from the federal investigation will mean this scandal will hover over him “throughout 2014 and perhaps well into 2015.”  That will badly damage Christie’s chances of running as “the inevitable mainstream GOP choice.”

Invincible Probity:

Just when you think you’ve finally divined the infantile depths to which those who populate that loony bin universe euphemistically known as “American politics”, along comes a whole new crop of idiot inmates and lunatic judges to register even lower depths.  Just imagine the calamitous apocalypse for humanity that is … traffic on a bridge.

Throw in accusations of “bully”, “misogyny”, “lying”, “scandal”, etc., and you have a real news story, for the developmentally challenged.

Why, it’s World War II all over again!  The Plague!!  Let’s see now.  Off the top of my head…

It must be far greater in significance than three wasted wars and 6,800 dead soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq; greater than cavalierly ignoring Pearl Harbor and bombing Libya for eight months only after it had relinquished its nukes; the rise of the American surveillance police state that can intimately snoop on every American citizen but can’t find a big missing airliner full of people needing help; the most massive intelligence industry even imaginable that couldn’t even see coming the Russian incursion in Crimea – the very purpose for its existence; foreign political assassinations directed from a ‘hit list’, not in the Kremlin, but in the Oval Office; a whole nation of people cowering in their own growing self-made prison, not in the face of instant nuclear Armageddon, but rather in fear of a possible few crazies with home-made bombs – all while singing “land of the free and home of the brave”; twenty years of repeatedly missed golden opportunities to avoid ‘Cold War II’ with Russia; huge “intelligence” and “diplomacy” communities wasting taxpayer money snickering over girly gossip provided to them by a ravenous NSA; routine bald government lies to the American people who fund it solely to serve them; the most expensive “education” industry in the history of humanity producing ever worse results; a crippling seventeen trillion dollar national debt that grows by leaps and bounds every month;

the inability to develop an intelligent long-range strategy that would ensure the nation did not end up in the world right back where it was in 1984 – starting with the long over-due retirement of “NATO” and the creation of a new alliance actually designed for THIS century; a government that deals with a staggering unemployment rate lasting six long years by simply removing millions of people from the work force; everyone expecting that “someone else” via government will bail them out of the consequences of their own stupidly irresponsible behavior choices; a deputy CIA director and political opportunist who places greater credence in distant desk jockey analysts and local media than in trained HUMINT professionals risking their lives up close and personal on the ground; a biggest and most expensive government in human history that can’t even set up a web site or tell its citizens the truth about the massive “wealth redistribution” system the site represents; foreign policy incompetence and impotence in the face of Syrian genocide and Iranian nukes and Egyptian dictatorship and North Korean belligerence and Ukrainian dysfunction and Russian resurgence; bureaucrats who with impunity arrogantly give the finger to the people’s elected representatives in Congress; other petty bureaucrats using the might of an all-powerful government to go after political opponents; inept police agencies handing huge caches of weapons to violent criminal drug syndicates; an extremist militant Islamic enemy that was supposed to be in its death throes during the last election campaign magically growing ever more potent by the day; an attorney general who picks and chooses to enforce only the laws he likes against those people he doesn’t like; etc., etc.,  ..

and all in just the first decade of the Baby Boomer’s crowning 21st century achievement!

Oh, yes, boys and girls, and lunatics everywhere, let’s focus on … traffic on a bridge.  We need to fan the utterly inane to ensure that absolutely nothing presents the slightest impediment this time to the preordained ascension to the throne of America’s very first queen, responsible for nothing and accountable to no one.  (Just how much of this lunacy is driven by members of the leftist New York global newstainment business who for a few hours one morning on the way to the office found themselves (gasp!) stuck in a traffic jam?)  “Leadership”, “responsibility”, are now just birthright entitled quotas, no need to actually earn ANY of it on behalf of anyone but yourself.  Hail to the almighty self-serving American political loony bin!

Just wait until SHE starts stopping traffic on bridges, and NO ONE can even complain.  (Say, you don’t suppose she and her “foreign policy expert” sisters put us back in 1984, in the middle of the “Cold” War, so she would be able to manage something, as birthright entitled Queen, that’s already been done….  Too bad the opposition can’t use this against her; too many of those morons were just as eager to go along with a “single super-power” that obviated the need to THINK, much less think ahead, a super-power that could just bully it’s way through whatever popped up in front of its face.  Right.)

We are doomed.  The 80,000,000 super-spoiled and brain-dead Boomers did us in.  It was a matter of unearned birthright entitlement, the rise of America’s new unassailable nobility class, in a “nation” that now bears greater resemblance to a pre-school romper room, without adult supervision.


Like everything else in American society, the “war on women” in America is a quarter of a century over-due.  It’s time for these incessantly whining hoards to grow up, shut up and actually earn their rights.  The only way to do that is to be honest, with cold hard truths.  It’s time for men to ask, “You’ve lived your entire life as a member of the most pampered, promoted, protected, privileged and powerful group on the planet.  Just what have you ever done for my group, for my sons, for us, for anyone but yourself?”

Before we all go belly up.




About invincibleprobity

US Regular Army (ret)..... Career military and professional foreign human intelligence operations officer with half century experience in sociology, psychology, foreign affairs, political-military affairs and geo-politics, plus additional developed interests in culture and history, including civil rights, education and similar human societal forces and influences. .....(That’s enough. The rest would just be irrelevant details looking like the boring index of a history book. I know stuff; any questions, just ask. Or better yet, engage me.)
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6 Responses to “The News”

  1. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    how sad you write with such strong emotions but when a reply is emotional and doesn’t agree
    you censor…theres that liberal freedom of speech LOLs, can only be heard if it agrees with you…
    shame because i actually agree with alot of what you say….You must have really been hurt that you despise women so much and lump us all in your mind set analysis of being the evil…
    you know we aren’t all evil, some of us just do the best we can
    You have a nice day….
    Take Care….You Matter…


    • I am traveling again, LadyBlueRose, and getting tired, and I elected not to respond to your comments on your Mother’s Day.

      No one has hurt me, and I don’t despise women. I’ve reached a conclusion at this point in my life that the only way to get through is to use the same language women have always used with men. (That’s why so many of us, like me, now have skin of solid steel.) No one has ever challenged American women on their views. It’s time.


  2. Wayne says:

    It did seem a bit too emotional. I agree with most of your sentiments, but I find you overlook the adage to never blame on malice that which can be ascribed to incompetence. I think there are fewer conspiracies and more people just looking after themselves, consequences be damned, or being willfully blind of the potential consequences.


    • Thanks, Wayne. I’ll try to tone it down a bit if I add additional “news” items to this post. I do admit to a definite degree of passion over what American women have been doing to the American boys who will have to follow me into the arena.

      I agree with your view about malice versus incompetence. But I don’t attribute such things so much to “conspiracies” as I do to a frozen self-serving mind-set, one that has been allowed to solidify (calcify) for over a half century simply by not ever being challenged. Any “thinking” that is never seriously challenged is guaranteed to be flawed, and, in the case of American women, because of the enormous impact they have on our society, very seriously flawed.

      I always advise young people to first examine the underlying premise of any argument; almost none of the premises that underpin the “thinking” of American women today have been valid for decades. There is no “special” in equal.


  3. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    actually I have not lived my entire life as one of the most pampered, promoted, protected, privileged and powerful group on the planet…though I do smile at the thought…
    what have I done for your group, your sons…not sure, but I have lived my life with no hatred or contempt or played games with men…I have treated them with the best of my ability to be kind a respectful as I would wish for myself in return, I grew up being beaten as even while my mother was pregnant with me, and it continued until I said enough…I do not hate Anyone, Anything…even the man who was my father who abused me more ways than you can even image…
    and I still do not hate him or any man…
    I raised my son and daughter to respect all people, animals and most of all this Earth since it s the only place we have to live…I hope to watch my grandchildren now grow into the same adults as their parents…
    as I raised their parents to be adults not children with entitlement til death due they part, they as I have worked from a very early age…yes we were poor, but work was what we do….I live a simple life, I expect nothing from anyone, except maybe respect and kindness…
    I could go on, but I am not sure it would do any good, and I am known to ramble …
    I empathize with so many of your words here…even though I am one of those you show show disdain for, which is sad because I as other women are not all bad…I do find it sad you lump us all together when you don’t even take the time to know us(me ) before passing that judgement on us (me) ( I do take things like this personal sometimes, its my insecurity issue of not being good enough I carried over from being to all my life I am not )

    Interesting post you have written…good to see you back, …I’ll stop in more….
    I am not sure how I stumbled in your space again, though a PK’s energy made me think of you
    ( he left a comment on one of my post, I am grateful for he gave me some info I couldn’t find…I would like to Thank him, but he seems to have used just an email with no link to anywhere … )

    So good night, Hope you had a or are having a wonderful weekend…
    Take Care….You Matter…


    • Don’t take things personally, LadyBlueRose.

      I certainly don’t take personally what American women as a group have been doing to our boys. Remember: Boys do not create themselves, but they do become men, for better or worse. If women don’t know what they’re doing, then they shouldn’t do it.

      It’s not about “me”; it’s about “us”. If you empathize with some of my views, then it is your responsibility to call other women to task on those matters; in this you are definitely allowed a freer hand and a louder voice than are men. Just about the only thing I can do is write about it on a blog that few women will ever see.


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